Discover the splendor of Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa, where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony.

The tranquil and gorgeous setting of Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa, which is spread out over hectares of lush tropical nature, enchants the senses.

For individuals looking for a peaceful retreat, a family holiday, or a place to call home, the 11-hectare property offers the ideal balance of elegance, tranquility, and refinement.

It has vivid and verdant gardens and stunning views of the Hilutungan Channel’s crystal-clear seas.

A rare mix rarely found on a seaside property.

Facilities and Services


Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa has service apartments that encapsulate the modern conveniences of home in a resort. Deluxe Studios, One Bedroom Suites, One Bedroom Premier Suites, and Two Bedroom Premier Suites are among the available room types.

Each room has a balcony that provides the occupant with a view of either the Club House or the Hilutungan Channel, and it comes with a 5-foot refrigerator, an induction stove, coffee and tea amenities, a microwave, basic cooking and dining utensils, a flat iron and ironing board, a washing machine, and the standard safety deposit box. Since Wi-Fi is available in every room, you can still stay connected to the outside world while luxuriating in nature. 


Indulgence extends to the resort’s dining options, where guests can savor a culinary journey of exquisite local and international flavors.

Tambuli Seaside Resorts and Spa has several dining options, such as Cafe Hojas, Caverna Restaurant, Bar Montan, and Pugon, serving delectable and fresh ingredients sourced locally and even from our very own garden.

Guests can also indulge in fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and signature dishes prepared from scratch by our talented chefs to ensure that each dining experience is truly memorable.


There are numerous activities available at Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa, both on land and in the water. Visitors can cool off in the resort’s four dazzling swimming pools, relax on our all-natural, sandy beaches and soak up the warm, tropical waters, or partake in our water sports facilities.

Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa boasts of a gym and a playroom as well.


Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa has venues perfect for indoor and outdoor events. These include the Tambuli Grand Ballroom, which can be divided into 3 ballrooms: Tierra, Viento, and Agua, as well as Sol and Luna for indoor events; and the Beachfront, Caverna Deck and Pool Deck for outdoor events.

Be it an intimate gathering or big parties, Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa is the perfect location for life’s milestone celebrations.

Initiatives on Sustainable Tourism

Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa has taken steps to advance ecotourism. Our aim is to minimize our ecological footprint and protect the environment by putting various strategies in place, display our commitment to the preservation of environment and promote responsible travel by incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our operations.

Preservation of Flora and Natural Landscape

When Tytans Properties and Development Inc. (TPDI), the property owner of Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa, bought and developed the property, they decided to demolish the structures but retained the existing landscape—a natural beachfront with abundant half-century-old trees.

The lush and verdant foliage gives Tambuli Resort that tropical vibe seldom seen and experienced in a Mactan resort.

Water Supply

The Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa features a desalination facility on site. This facility satisfies the resort’s water needs, guaranteeing our visitors a steady and hygienic water supply.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

To reduce our ecological imprint, Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa practices recycling and waste reduction techniques. We have put in place a thorough waste management system that separates and recycles different kinds of on-site garbage.

We also employ a zero-waste strategy, incorporating vegetable trimmings in salads and dressings to recycle and/or repurpose raw materials. Even the orange peels are used for fragrance, among other things.

Organic herbs and leafy vegetables

The resort has cultivated its own edible garden filled with herbs and now relies on the organic gardens for 30% of its garnishing and flavoring needs. We have also begun to grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce, kales, romaines, bokchoy, pechay, papaya plants, and soon fruit trees like dragon fruit and banana.

To ensure that the water we use in our gardens is safe and healthy, we put tilapia fish in our water ponds to help provide plants with the essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive in an aquaponic setup..

Environmental Awareness

Tambuli Resort believes that promoting sustainable tourist practices requires environmental understanding. We therefore clean the beach to eliminate rubbish from the sea every three months. Additionally, we collect rubbish from the water’s edge and bring it to the compost pit, where it is converted into garden fertilizer.

The next step will be to have zero single-use plastics since we want to encourage guests to travel responsibly and promote sustainable tourism on their subsequent trips.


The Management

Tambuli’s GM Eya taps diverse experience for resort operations

Estrella Rapes Shrimski, General Manager of Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa, is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry.

With over 30 years of management experience in food and beverage in major international hotel chains and as an entrepreneur, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Ms. Shrimski, fondly called GM Eya, has started implementing zero-waste management as part of the resort’s sustainability action plan.

The property has collaborated with CAFEi Community of Alternative Food Ecosystem Inc., in developing edible and ornamental gardens in the different parts of the property.

The groundskeeping team has started producing their own natural fertilizers and building its composting site, using wastes collected from the shoreline, the trees and food waste.

The intension of turning wastes into something useful, while reducing green house gas emission, in the way business is conducted. This program also intends to grow as much of the plant based items naturally without exposure to chemicals and harmful substance.

These techniques they hope the staff will practice in their homes, as well as the community within the area of the resort, to promote food security and independence of growing the food needed to survive.

Her food and beverage experience started in July 1989 at Park Place Hotel where she was Head of Restaurant and Bars. She became Assistant Food and Beverage Manager of Cebu Plaza Hotel

Her first stint abroad was in September 1992 when she joined Century Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam as the Food and Beverage and eventually as the Director of Food and Beverage of Century Riverside Inn in Hue, Vietnam.

From October 1993 to December 1995, Ms. Shrimski assumed various positions in Thailand with Accor Asia Pacific first as the Food and Beverage Manager of Hotel Mercure Regency Park Bangkok then as Special Projects Coordinator with the head office in various hotel projects, was then appointed as the F&B Manager of Novotel Phuket City for the pre-opening and opening.

GM Eya and husband settled in Australia to start a family 1997, where she became the Director of Mise En Place Australia Pty. Ltd. from 1998 until 2009. The company owned and operated Steps Restaurant in Sydney and engaged in contracting services.

A skilled trainer in Hospitality Management, she has five years experience in Australia’s leading Vocational Education and Training provider, TAFE NSW.

She first worked as a part-time teacher at the Western Sydney Institute-Baulkham Hills and Australian College of Tourism and Hospitality from July 2003 to June 2004.

Then on July 2004, she started working full-time at the Institute until December 2007 , then moved to TAFE Sydney Institute where she provided support for the academic requirements of International Students in Hospitality, and was a member of the committee responsible for the development of e-learning direction for Hospitality in 2008-2009 as a mentor, upgraded the assessment tools for higher-level management units, and provided support for the development and implementation of the assessment validation process.

From February 2009 until 2021, GM Eya was president of Fudewerx Solutions and concepts Inc. and a partner at Apodis Circa 1900. She was also a consultant for F&B, training and development for companies like Canvas Boutique Hotel in Puerto Princesa, South Palms Resort Panglao and North Zen Villas Bohol.

With her international and local experience, she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry, making her a valuable asset to Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa.

She finds that her competitive advantage is the ability to attract potential talents and assist in their professional development. Hospitality after all is a people business.

The business environment is constantly changing but her extensive yet diverse background position her as a capable leader who can drive growth and success in the hospitality industry.


Promos and Events

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